Taemin – Move Album Review

It has been quite some time since the last review and that has mostly got to do with the music korean entertainment industries have come out with. Up until now, nothing has really stuck out from the rest. Groups such as SF9, Rainz, NU’EST and Got7 EP’s and albums that have been released recently all sound similar with nothing remotely interesting. Although this next album is average, it does have some curious musical choices that are worth recognition. This album would be Taemin’s 2nd solo album called Move. Musically, I was expecting more but after listening to the whole album, the minimalist, dark sound was appreciated. The concept became more apparent as the album came to an end.

For the first track which is the title track of the album, “Move” is the perfect song to introduce the album. Even though a small instrumental intro would have been pleasing, this track really sets the mood and explains the direction the composers wanted this album to go in. Especially in this song, the transitions are great, they are abrupt but fit perfectly for this kind of song. To be honest there is nothing special about this track since it does repeat a lot but it is catchy.

The second song would be “Love” which I can only explain as a power ballad. Sound effects and the piano is heard throughout the entire track. “Love” is pretty mellow and slow during the verses but when the lyric “Love” appears, Taemin’s voice explodes which adds power, emphasizing the importance of the chorus.

The track “Crazy 4 U” has a similar sound to Taemin’s “Drip Drop” with the delay’s during the hook. It is very repetitive, the only redeemable part is the bridge giving it more strength at it’s last moments.

For “Heart Beat” featuring a member from Red Velvet is definitely a smooth/slow version of an EDM song. Nothing really stood out in this track, that would differentiate itself from the others. The beginning of the song was without a doubt the only redeemable part but from then on, the song kept a neutral tone. Apart from one other track on this album, “Heart Beat” is one of the weakest songs on the album.

The fifth song called “Rise” was one of the better slow songs on the album, but seemed way too similar to “Soldier” on his first solo album Press it. With the piano, melody as well as the chords that were chosen, “Rise” just seemed like a continuation to “Soldier”.

The sixth track “Thirsty” is the other track that I mentioned previously. This song is definitely in the obnoxious and annoying category. The first 20 seconds were dark and enjoyable as well as the verses but when the chorus kicks in, the track goes downhill from there. The chorus is out of place from the initial intention shown in the beginning. Fortunately this song is only three and a half minutes.

For “미로 (Stone Heart)” the creepy in and out distorted sounds were a nice touch but as the song goes on, the track seems less interesting and does not keep your attention. Until you reach the last few seconds of the song, the melody does not change.

The second to last track on the album “Back to you” is probably one of the best songs. “Back to You” is such a simple song, stripped of all instruments except for the electric guitar. The electric guitar is clear and clean, making space for listeners to really listen to the melody and vocals. This is a perfect example of a simple but beautiful slow song. Without the bonus track “Flame of Love” that is originally Taemin’s Japanese release, “Back to You” is the perfect ending. But I must say “Flame of Love” is also a great ending as well as a beautiful song with that Chinese feel.

Overall this album was entertaining and very groovy. It had an 80’s feel with a modern touch. Even though this is Taemin’s solo album, you could definitely see Shinee singing to this kind of album like they did in 1 of 1. I would give this album a fair rating of 6.5 out of 10. Weirdly enough the sound and contents of Move was like a darker side of Taeyang’s White Night. Both albums had a simple musical arrangement with strong vocals. It is a shame that Taemin did not contribute in any of the production or lyrics but considering the work load of idols, I am not too surprised.

What did you all think of Taemin’s second solo album Move?



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