WINNER – Our Twenty For Single Review

With summer here, it feels like every group or singer has been composing or performing upbeat, summer vibe songs and this also applies to Winner’ comeback. Apart from the members, FUTURE BOUNCE and Bekuh BOOM had a big part in the composing, lyrics and arrangement of these two songs. These two singles have tropical dance beats that get you moving no matter what. No doubt, these two singles are catchy and memorable because of the music and the constant lyric repetition.

The first single that was released was “Love Me Love Me” and it was probably the one with the most repetition. This song has a funky dance beat that just seems like a typical pop love song, which it is. It is not surprising this song is catchy, it is to be expected. Musically, this song had a great beat that was surprisingly neutral. The rhythm guitar and synthesizer were a nice little addition that gave the single a bit more groove. As for the lyrics, it is just the same old love theme that attracts the audience and especially their fans.


The second single called “Island” was a sound that is becoming very popular among Korean pop music. You can refer it to the tropical upbeat dance/EDM trend. Although this song does have some interesting points, it has been overdone way too many times. This single also has similarities relating to their past single “Really, Really”. The lyrics had the same theme as “Love Me Love Me” except with a bit more sensuality.

Although nothing really surprised me with this comeback, the upbeat music will always make you want to dance. Both songs were generally always on repetition. With only minor changes musically and lyrically throughout the verses and bridge, these songs just seemed average. Without a doubt, this comeback was definitely written to be a hit. These two singles were entertaining to listen to but hopefully their next comeback will be as pleasant but original.


Keep up grooving to the music!




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