Jung Yong Hwa – Do Disturb EP Review

Not long after CNBLUE’s comeback with 7CN, Jung Yong Hwa announced his first solo EP album. Although he has released his first solo full album in 2015 called One Fine Day, this mini album has a refreshing and a completely different feeling from his previous sound. When it comes to Jung Yong Hwa, he is mostly known for his ballads and same old typical love songs. Unfortunately, Jung Yong Hwa did not change his ways when it comes to lyrics which was kind of disappointing but was to be expected. Sadly, the lyrics in this EP were very repetitive and predictable. Musically this album, was groovy and had many different time period throwbacks.

The first track called “여자여자해 (That Girl)” featuring Loco which was also the title track of the EP was a great start. Although the lyrics are the same old boring trying to hit on some girl, the beat and music was pretty fun. What was done badly was Loco’s first verse. The transition from Jung Yong Hwa’s verse to Loco was so abrupt and random it did not fit at all. To be honest this song did not need Loco. He could have just changed the chord progression of the song instead of putting random rapping.

For the next song called “Closer”, this was definitely the dance and groovy song on the album. Without a doubt, this could have been the title track especially with this kind of energy. Knowing how the music industry thinks, this song probably did not make the cut because “That Girl” had a more modern feel with Loco as a featuring artist which would attract his fans as well. Weirdly enough, this track could have also been a CNBLUE song, it has a similar upbeat sound. No matter what this uplifting track was pleasant to listen to.

As for “Password”, this was probably my favorite or 2nd favorite song. This song had a bounce beat and bass that was enjoyable and different. There is also a kind of attitude through the tone of his voice that adds a bit more power to the track.  I do not remember how many times he repeated the hook but it does become old and boring after a while.

As for “Navigation” this was the typical Jung Yong Hwa sound that he is very well known for. For some reason it also sounded a bit more American, which probably had to do with the chords chosen and chorus. It just seemed like a typical predictable song that repeats way too many times.

The song “Not Anymore” was definitely a throwback song. The music and flow of the song reminded me of a mix of Lionel Richie and The Backstreet Boys. You can say this track sounded like “Too Good To Say Goodbye” by Bruno Mars since he is also into the throwback 80’s sound recently. There is not much to this song, it is very simple and a straight forward ballad.

The last track on this EP is “Lost in Time” which is musically my favorite ballad on this EP. With the clear keyboard, acoustic guitar and drums, the simplicity was the attraction. It is clear that the repetition gets annoying but based on the previous tracks, it is normal by the last song.

After listening to the extended play a couple of times, I noticed that the first 3 tracks were upbeat and the last 3 tracks were softer and more like ballads. After reading all the lyrics you do figure out this was supposed to be a concept album. From meeting the girl to getting over a breakup, the concept was not original and has been done countless times. Although the lyrics and constant repetitiveness was nothing great, the music was surprisingly upbeat, groovy and very catchy. Personally, it was nice to see Jung Yong Hwa compose something fun which also includes the slower songs on this EP. I would give this EP a 7 out of 10.


Was “Closer” your groove?



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