South Club – 90 EP Review

After releasing their new single called “Hug Me”, South Club’s upcoming EP was announced. As Nam Tae Hyun as the front man/composer, South Club got recognized very fast. The band includes Jang Won Young on drums, Kim Eui Myung on bass, Kang Kun Ku on guitar and Choi Yoon Hwi on keyboard/piano. After listening to “Dirty House” before the EP came out, I definitely had an idea of what the EP was going to sound like.  It also contained an element of surprise I did not expect coming from the two tracks they released. That touch of blues.

When it comes to intro songs, South Club chose the right song to open with. The opening track called Dirty House has a uplifting punchy rock sound with a great electric guitar riff and solo. Although the chorus is just the repetition of the song title, it is hard not to rock out to it. The transition from verse to chorus are very natural and flow very well. The guitar solo in this track is probably one of the best of this EP. Even though it is kept to a minimum and keeps a neutral tone, the choice of chords have a grunge feel as well as the present hard rock sound.

As for I Got The Blues, this track was simple and repetitive but it had the most attitude. The simplicity of this track made the bluesy side of this song as well as the vocals stand out a lot more. Weirdly enough this song had a western/country feel to it. What made this track powerful was Nam Tae Hyun’s personality and attitude throughout the entirety of it.

When speaking of the bluesy feeling Believe U is musically stronger than “I Got The Blues”. The punchy bounce opening really impacts you from the start. The short chords playing throughout the song add a certain spark and attitude which made this track a lot more memorable. The guitar solo makes a huge difference and a completely different atmosphere. Without the guitar elements and solo this song would not be powerful. One critic that I found was odd, was the chorus. The transition from verse to the hook felt like two separate songs. Because the chords and tone are completely different, it feels out of place.

Now coming to the fourth track called Hug Me, this was obviously the ballad song. Compared to the whole album, this song did not fit with the overall vibe of this EP. It did not have a bluesy or rock aspect to it. It is easily recognizable that this track was composed way before the making of the EP. What also made it more evident was that it was placed in the middle, making it feel like a filler. Even though, this song was simple and beautifully arranged. The deep whisper tone throughout the track added a personal and atmospheric touch. The way Nam Tae Hyun extended the word “Hug Me” and literally made the hook only two words is impressive.

For the fifth track I.D.S had the best guitar opening on this EP. The opening guitar chords had a true 90’s soft rock vibe. Apart from the intro, this song was mellow and very repetitive. You can definitely say he got his message out through this track.

This sixth track Liar starts off kind of neutral and weak but picks up after the 2nd hook with powerful vocals and the guitar solo. The transitions were kind of abrupt but the bridge without a doubt added a mysterious element that made you look forward to the last hook.

As for the last track, the outro called See You is something I did not expect from them. Because this whole EP had a 90’s vibe, the outro surprised me. For some reason this outro reminded me of a progressive metal band called Haken. This electronic/atmospheric instrumental song was an interesting but refreshing ending.

Overall 90 really did measure up to its name. With their 90’s rock vibe as well as the touch of blues in particular tracks, this EP was enjoyable. The guitar solo’s in every song is the one thing to look forward to. I would give this EP a 7 out of 10. This record was repetitive and was definitely not intricate but it did have great rock aspects as well as original melodies that should definitely be recognized.


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