IKON – New Kids: Begin Single Review

After a year and a half IKON has comeback. Their last full album was released in 2015, beginning their career at the top of the charts. Although their solo careers kicked off, IKON was not to be forgotten. With these two new singles, IKON demonstrated they are committed and ready to start off a new year as a group again.

The first track they released called “Bling Bling” is a trap/ rap song that has a similar feel to their previous songs, with the repetition of the hook like in “Rhythm Ta” and the trap sound like in “Anthem”. The constant repetition of the title track as well as the hook is what made this song so predictable and annoying after a while. In any music genres, a song does not need constant repetitions to make it memorable or catchy.

As for “B-Day”, this track was a lot more uplifting and creatively intriguing. Merging a dance, electronic  beat as well as some acoustic components this song is a lot more interesting and dynamic than “Bling Bling”. Kicking off the song with a punch beat and rap similar to “Dumb and Dumber” gets the viewers attention right from the start.

IKON as well as the producers really know how to make a song powerful and catchy. Although the lyrics are nothing special at all, I am guessing their main focus is the music and the overall epic feel when it comes to composing a party dance song. Hoping to hear some new work from IKON in the future or maybe even a full album.

Keep up the grooves!