WINNER – Fate Number For Single Review

After a year of absence, Winner has finally come back into the spotlight which would certainly not be a problem. After a long anticipated wait fans from all over the world are glad of this comeback and the two singles that have recently come out. Although the teasers give you a taste for the two tracks, I did not want to judge them based on 1 or 2 seconds of music. After a few listens of both singles, I was expecting more.

The first track is “Really Really” and it is a basic love song with a laid back dance beat. The beat and feel of the song has been attempted by the Korean pop music industries recently. That summer, Jay Park, Californian dance beat. It was produced and composed very well but has been done often lately. What is interesting is that the beat is subtle and does not overpower the song. Overall this song was average musically and lyrically, nothing really stood out.

The second track on this single is “Fool” which had more appeal musically than “Really Really”. This song definitely contained a raw sound with the pure simple keyboard and acoustic guitar. In specific parts, they also included an electric guitar that faded into the background. The decision to make pauses at the end of the song created a certain impact and emphasis on the future chords and lyrics chosen, which did make a difference. Another particular detail that created a great first impression of the track was opening the song with Mino’s deep singing voice. People would not expect Mino to start off a song with his voice as well as singing.

Hilariously, both of these tracks are about two of the most basic topics in the world when it comes to music. One song is about love and the other is about a breakup. Lyrically these two songs can not get anymore simple than this. This was a disappointment but at the same time I am not surprised. Overall these songs were average. I did expect more from Winner and hope to hear something different and new the next time.




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