Got7 – Flight Log:Arrival EP Review

A few days ago Got7 revealed spoilers for their upcoming tracks and for the first time in a long time I knew this album would be a disappointment. Making assumptions on how the album will sound before it comes out is something I rarely ever do but after listening to the full mini album, I have to say I was right. Got7 has definitely had good mini albums and tracks in general but this mini album is one of their worst. The lyrics were generic, nothing we haven’t heard before. The music especially ruined this mini album. The annoying sounds with a kind of EDM/electronic beat in tracks such as “Shopping Mall”, “Paradise” and ” Go Higher” did not fit and flow well together. One thing for sure is that the composers and producers of these tracks had a hard time arranging the song. In the end it sounded generic, awkward and annoying.

As a first impression, the title track “Never Ever” was a song that would contain a unique sound while generally still keeping a natural flow between each transition and the whole song. The beginning of the song before the vocals was quite intriguing. It had a powerful but subtle atmospheric range that reminded me of the beginning of “Fire Water” by Code Kunst. Unlike Code Kunst the opening of “Never Ever” incorporated more of a dance beat. Rarely has this happened but the chorus was the biggest disappointment of this title track. That ridiculous squeaking sound in the background did not fit at all throughout the chorus and well as the note chosen at the end.

For the second track “Shopping Mall”, nothing stood out. Lyrics were normal, music was average and the constant repetition of the word shopping mall is something you can usual expect from a generic pop song.

The third track is by far the annoying song on Flight Log:Arrival. With the increasingly constant squeaking song as well as the EDM/trap sound is a song that Justin Bieber would perform. I have no clue what the producers were thinking but it does not work. Like in “Shopping Mall” the word paradise is on repeat through this track.

By far “Sign” is the only track that is simple and relaxing. Although this track is nothing special either, it is not as irritating as their other tracks. Simple lyrics with a simple chorus.

For their 6th track, this is one of those songs you would definitely hear in a club. This track is called “Go Higher”. All I can say is that this song was composed to be a party song like 2pm’s “Go Crazy”. Creative wise, there was not much going for this track.

The 7th track called “Q” is a completely different sound than the first 6 songs. It has that dance/ballad/jazz sound that is lovely and simple. It feels kind of out of place after all those EDM/electronic songs. What is also interesting is the electric guitar placed during the bridge of the song. It gave the song an extra boost which it needed.

The song “Don’t Care” was weird soft EDM/trap track. I contained little to no change throughout the entirety of the song. They could have made this track interesting but nothing stood out. As for the last song “OUT”, this track is linked together with “Paradise”. It has a horrible beat should have never been created. One aspect that I do have to credit, is attempt to change tones and the melody completely during different sections. Although they tried something different, it did not work at all. This song was a bad decision and something that should never be tried again. Hopefully the producers will learn from this horrendous outcome.

Honestly, Got7’s “Flight Log:Arrival was a major letdown and failure. Nothing really stood out and the music’s arrangement and producing was messy and disturbing. The lyrics were on constant repetition without any creative thinking. Apart from “Q” musically, this mini album was a huge disappointment. I would not mind if they were to make another EDM/electronic album but it would have to be done right. Overall I would give this mini album a 3/10.

– Keep on grooving to the music-






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