Code Kunst – Muggles’ Mansion Album Review

Initially excited for this album, I thought this album would be outstanding musically and lyrically. Knowing that Code Kunst will also be featuring many different artist on his album would definitely be another aspect of the album to look forward to. Compared to many korean pop albums, Code Kunst Muggles’ Mansion incorporates many different genres of music such as pop, hip-hop, ambient/instrumental, rap and also a ballad feel to some of the songs.

One thing that disappointed me was the music. Although the ambient aspect was interesting as well as soothingly pleasant, the songs were missing some kind of punch to them. I do not mean a faster tempo or more upbeat, more like something dynamic that really makes the atmosphere of the song. Not to mention, all the songs kept the same rhythm throughout the whole song except the song “Perfume”. I was also expecting more from the song “Fire Water” with three amazing composers, Code Kunst, Tablo and G.Soul. I thought Code Kunst would use a bit more of their talents and strengths to make this song unbelievably phenomenal but the track’s music was kept to a normal standard. The lyrics and theme of the song were very normal. I think both G.Soul and Tablo collaborated on the song and lyrics (not sure) but nothing really stood out and it should have especially with two great artists featuring.

The songs that stood out the most on this album is “Perfume” because it was the only song that actually changed tempo and sound halfway through the song. All the other songs keep the same beat with small additions every now and then, usually in the beginning and the bridge. The next song would have to be “StrOngerrr”. With more of an upbeat tempo with amazing lyrics composed by both Loco and Mino, this was definitely one of the highlights of Muggles’ Mansion. Even though they have similar vocal tones both have different personalities and different ways of expressing themselves, not to mention their vocals fit and synced very well. The next track would have to be “Parachute”. Oh Hyuk gruff vocals and the easy going back track is the reason this song is such a hit. What was weirdly interesting were how similar “Beside Me” and “Parachute” seemed when taking into account composition and the chorus rhythm.

The last song that was alright but just had to be mentioned, it is called “Don’t shoot me Mama”. This song was kind of random and completely different from the rest of the tracks. The first time I heard this song it had the sound and a similar composition of an American indie pop song. The lyrics throughout the whole song were constantly repeating, the same verse and chorus. Although the track is only 4 minutes and 30 seconds, usually you would expect two verses.

This album was generally very soothing featuring amazing singers, but the affect of the  album overall was kept to a minimum. Although the album did not have a huge impact with me, I still appreciate his creative side and incorporate different sounds and genres into the songs. One aspect that almost each song accomplished were the lyrics, each adding something personal and expressive. I would give Code Kunst’s Muggles’ Mansion a    7.5 out of 10.


Keep on grooving!



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