Cross Gene – Mirror EP Review

It has been some time Cross Gene has been on a hiatus. After their last Japanese release Ying Yang, the band was unheard of. The individual members have either been on a break or working on different projects separately. It was a surprise to know that Cross Gene would be coming back with their new mini album called Mirror.

To my disappointment, this “mini album” that should have definitely been a single album was not what I expected and that is not a positive compliment. What Cross Gene or the producers did was take one song and repeat the same beat on two of their other tracks which were “Black Mind” and “White Mind”. They do incorporate some other beats to make it sound a bit different from their title track “Black or White” but you can without a doubt hear the same song. The beginning of “White Mind” was unique and you can immediately assume it was another song but then it gets to the main chorus of “Black or White”. Especially after “White Mind” and “Black Mind”, the mini album was a huge let down. I am guessing they were going for a concept but that could have also been done with completely different tracks. Making this kind of decision is not really creative and smart for a comeback after 1 year in the Korean pop music industry.

The only other track featured on this “mini album” is “연애지침서 (Love Guide)” which was enjoyable with the random horn and organ sound heard in the beginning and the electric guitar but there was not enough content on the album to base anything on. There are also two other tracks on this mini album but they are both instrumental versions of “Black or White” and “연애지침서 (Love Guide)” which could have been replaced by two other original tracks.

Overall I felt like this album was just a filler album. Trying to fill a CD with the most possible content without the need to create and work too hard on new music. With a few different chords and beats they have accomplished that. If you do look at the physical album, if you want to purchase it, you will notice how much is offered. This mini album was created to give visual/accessory content to the fans, not for the actual music. Without a second thought this album would rate a 4 out of 10.



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