Zion.T – OO EP Review

Zion.T is an artist that I have never really gotten into or had the chance to get into. One reason was because he sounded like just the same old singer with typical songs. Although this EP is very calming and simple it has some interesting blues/soul/ballad factors. One thing that I noticed was that even though some of the songs sometimes had lyrics that presented character that reflected how he felt, it did not show in his voice. It seemed like a gentle and lonely conversation.

One reason why I think this album had a soft and calm feel to it is because Zion.T wanted his listeners to concentrate more on the lyrics and the constant theme of each song. The songs do have the typical relationship theme to it but he also included another topic that I think was more important to him. It recently has become a topic a lot of artists have used when writing lyrics. Their is nothing wrong with expressing your own experiences through your songs, every artist does this. This is how they get inspiration, but it is mind blowing how many Korean artist recently have talked about what fame and fortune has done to them, the loneliness that comes with their job as well as the music industry as a whole. Some artists and groups that have tackled these topics include Bigbang, Winner, Epik High and BTS. A lot of American artist have also talked about the music industry and experiences but I guess recently Korean artists have opened up more about this subject in the last few years.

If you count music and lyrics, the first song that stood out was definitely “Cinema”, with that amazing acoustic guitar throughout the whole song and that unexpected bass line in the bridge that added an extra element that really made it stand out. The next track was “Complex” mostly because this song truly expressed what he wanted to say when it comes to the theme(Lyrically also “The Bad Guys”). I also loved the way Zion.T executed the song. Both Zion.T and G-Dragon sang the song in a conversation format, like they were expressing their own thoughts to each other. Another song that was quite groovy with it’s bass line and rhythm guitar was “Sorry”. Although everything is very simple, everything flowed well. The transition to Beenzino’s verse was very well done as well as the vocal stacking in the song.

Weirdly his song “The Song” was the song and it did become popular. I guess Zion.T’s wish did not come true. Although I found this song to be the weakest, the fact that the song got a music video, it was expected to attracted more of an audience.

Overall this album was great soft personal EP, that truly showed and expressed his thoughts of how he actually feels being in the entertainment business and what it has given and taken away from him. As well as the typical complicated relationship. I can say Zion’s OO lyrically, was kind of sad and depressing but if that is what he was trying to express then he accomplished that very well. I would give Zion. T’s OO a 7 out of 10 for the simple but unique sound, that gave the EP a certain groove to it as well.


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