Dream Catcher – Nightmare Single

For a debut single Dream Catcher’s Nightmare was different but confusing. The fact that they tried to incorporate rock and pop like a lot of other bands such as Day6, CNblue, FTisland etc… is admirable and would definitely catch your attention for a debut single. This single was kind of misleading which did disappoint me because the intro was a really fascinating with a symphonic heavy metal sound that intrigued me from the start. After that 40 second intro, the first track “Chase Me” started with a completely different sound. It was kind of deceiving after that intro. Although they tried to have a rock sound to the song, it is hard to make it work usually because the girls vocals are high pitched. With heavy instrumentals it is very hard to execute. You can say that “Chase Me” sounded a bit like the band Baby Metal (obviously the instrumentals are not as hardcore as Baby Metal). After the first track was another song called “Emotion”. This track was a ballad. This song without a doubt fit their voice. The opening keyboard intro was very nice and natural but in general, it was average for a Korean pop music. It is a track you can naturally expect from a new group.

In general I find this single did have some potential to be unique. One aspect I think they should focus on if they plan to stay in the pop rock genre, is how to make their voices fit this genre of music naturally. Not to mention the instrumentals such as the drums and electric guitar in the verse and chorus are very generic. As for their vocals, there is nothing spectacular or special, just another girl group with pretty vocals. The structure of the song “Chase Me” felt like a pop song with barely any indications of a rock song. I was expecting a very catchy riff and even a solo but that did not happen.

Experimenting with this new group and interestingly with a girl group is very fascinating but with very regular vocals (according to these two tracks) is going to be a challenge. One group that is in a similar situation and made it work is Crayon Pop. Although their vocals are average, the music is very funky and bizarre (how well their vocals work with that genre of music). Overall I would give Dream Catcher’s Nightmare a 5.5 out of 10. They can definitely get a lot of attention in the future, we just need to wait.


Keep on discovering and don’t forget to groove.



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