K.A.R.D – Oh Nana Single Review

Recently a new formed group called K.A.R.D has released their first single “Oh Nana”. Although this single has been getting a lot of attention in the Korean pop music industry and all around the world, I have to say that this is a very generic song to get the attention of an audience. This is actually a very useful and clever way to get this group started and to gain more popularity. The repetition of the chorus with the same words repeated over and over make it easier for the listeners and a way to make your brain register the song very easily which is very efficient in the music industry. The American pop music industry has been using this tactic for years. This song is also a dance song which is expected but it did have a neutral balanced aspect to it which had a calming affect. With a very catchy beat and chorus it makes a memorable start. Not to mention the high quality music video.

The music itself was not so bad and quite catchy, even though the beat never changed until the bridge, overall it was very average. The constant repetition of “Oh Nana” the title of the track became very irritating after awhile and unoriginal as part of the lyrics. Although the song was average, the part that I found was useless, that did not fit very well was the bridge. The featured singer in this single was Heo Young-ji, a member of Kara. For some reason her high pitched notes performed on the single did not fit with the tone of this song. Even the sections with both of the vocals from the original female members seemed very balanced and neutral.

It is interested to know that this company decided to create a group with two girls and two boys which is not seen very often in the pop industry in Korea. Although this is a little detail, it is different from all the male only and female only Korean groups. Overall, I would give this single a 5 out of 10.

 Keep on discovering with a side dish of grooves.




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