BLΛƆKPIИK – Square Two Single Album Review

Named as one of the most high ranked girl group with only their second single album, Blackpink has really stepped it up a notch with their two new singles, “Playing With Fire” and “Stay”. Making an impact in Korea and the United States, Blackpink’s comeback after 4 months has definitely attracted attention.

One big aspect of their success would have to go to their composer and producer Teddy Park as well as Bekuh Boom, B.I from IKON, Seo Won Jin and R.Tee that created these singles. Teddy Park famous for co-writing with the group BIGBANG and 2NE1, did yet another great job with the new girl group Blackpink.

Compared to “Boombayah” and “Whistle”, both of these new singles are a bit more balanced in one direction with a slower tempo. The song “Stay” was a track I did not expect from Blackpink. Surprisingly this song had some great instrumentals including the acoustic guitar and harmonica that went well with what they were aiming for. The repetitive clap sounds in the chorus were kind of generic and irritating after a while. As for the “la la la” section of the song, it was disappointing. The composers and producers could have come up with actual lyrics instead of repeating the same sounds over and over. It kind of felt like a filler. Overall “Stay” was very fascinating  and different for Blackpink.

It is without a doubt that “Playing with Fire” is very catchy with an uplifting beat that can make you dance. This song has become instantly famous in Korea and the United States with ever reason to be. Everything from the intro to the chorus including the rap section of the song is memorable and will definitely get stuck in your head after the first or second listen. No matter what song “Blackpink” surprisingly harmonize very well together even if they only debuted about 4 months ago.

As for the third extra song on the single which is an acoustic version of “Whistle”, I would certainly say that it was beautifully executed. No matter what anyone thinks, this acoustic version is better than the original version. Not only is the acoustic guitar performance very clear and clean to the point you can hear every chord but the vocals are also more defined. The members tones and vocal ranges can be heard better in the acoustic version.

Excluding “Whistle”, even though it is a great extra to the single, I would give “Playing With Fire” a 7.5 out of 10 and “Stay” a 6.5 out of 10. The diversity Blackpink with their first and second single album is interesting with a completely different sound. The fact that the composers are experimenting with this new girl group makes it more interesting while making the audience wonder what Blackpink will perform next.



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