B.A.P – Noir Review

Korean pop music has without a doubt grown in numbers everywhere around the world throughout these past years. Every year their are a couple of artists/groups that make their debut and gain popularity right away. One of the groups that has gained recognition is B.A.P. Debuted in 2012, Noir is their second full length album written and produced by a number of people such as B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk and Zelo, Kim Changrak, Kim Taewan from Grooves Network, Choi Jinseok from Dsign Network, Park Suseok and a lot more. These are just a few people that have made this album so memorable and creatively pleasing.

As an intro “Le Noir” is original and is unexpected coming from a dance/R&B album. The jazz feel of this opening was creatively well done, especially as an introduction to the album. The instrumentals such as the piano and drums as the main idea for this intro really drives you in. The fact that not much lyrics are needed for the opening really made a difference especially as the first track. Although the transition from “Le Noir” to “Skydive” was very abrupt it did show the different genres of music they were going to include. I have to say counting only the official track which would be the first 11 songs on the album, “Skydive”, “Fermata” and “걸어가 (Walking)” are the weakest ones. Even though “Skydive” was the promo single that attracted a lot of attention, the song as a whole does not have such an impressive impact as some of the other songs on the album. There was one detail of the song that felt like it did not belong and that was the electronic sample used in the chorus after the word skydive. Both “걸어가” and “지금(Now)” are slow songs but one thing I did not expect was the arrangement of the chorus and the vocals for “지금(Now)”. As for “걸어가(Walking)” the song was very simple and exactly what you can find in any ballad.

It is without a doubt the songs that stood out the most were “Killer” the ultimate groovy song, “I Guess I Need You” a slow song that hits you hard with outstanding vocals, “Ribbon In the Sky” for its unusual choices that unexpectedly work very well and “Le Noir” which I mentioned was a beautiful and creative way of opening the album. As for “주소서(Address)” the rap song of the album, it was actually very surprising. The choir, backing vocals and violin used were little details of the song I found remarkable and unpredictable from a rap song.

Even though I do listen to metal music which is my biased when it comes to music, I still enjoy well composed music in any genre including Korean music. In my opinion Korean pop music is definitely better than American pop music. The thought given to each track such as including different genres of music as well as the instrumentals used strengthen this album.Well I can only say that for this album anyways. Overall I would give a rating of 8.5 out of 10. Every album that I have listened to so far have all had a different sound, especially B.A.P’s Noir.




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